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When to Align Sales Territories

Some companies take a proactive approach to sales territory management by reviewing their sales territories every year. The year’s performance may lead to small changes in sales territories, requiring sales territory realignment and new sales territory maps.

A number of situations have the potential for causing decreased sales productivity, missed customer opportunity, and confusion and competition among sales people.

Sales territory alignment can help in each of these cases:

If any of these situations apply to your company, then sales territory alignment using visual, geographic tools or expert analysts can help you quickly align and optimize sales territories. Use the table below as a guide to know the level of sales territory management required.


You need to optimize territories

You need to re-align and manage territories

Scope of the sales changes


Small to medium

Nature of the sales changes

Strategic or environmental

Normal course of business

Customer relationships

Accounts can be evenly distributed among sales team

Sales reps must maintain relationships with specific accounts

Examples of need to update

Strategy or business conditions- acquisition, channel change, high sales turnover, major reorganization, new products

New or lost customers, personnel changes, small organization changes

Software or Analytical Services?

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This executive sales brief offers a step-by-step decision process to help you choose between licensing software or contracting for analytical services to optimize sales territories.
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