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Franchise Territory Creation &
Site Selection

Location strategy is critical to a franchise business. How you define franchise territories and where you place store locations will largely determine the success or failure of your franchise operation.

Mapping Analytics offers consulting services, software and data to help you make the right decisions about territory creation and site selection.

Franchise Territories

Mapping Analytics will help properly allocate franchise territories leading to economic benefits for both the franchisor and franchisee:

Using the appropriate analytical techniques, software, and demographic and business data sets, Mapping Analytics will help you avoid common problems such as:

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Franchise Site Selection

Choosing the right site to open a franchise store has as much to do about the demographic profile of your customers as it does the physical location of the store.

Mapping Analytics provides analytical services, software, and data to help you select franchise locations that are profitable and contribute positively to the overall franchise network.

When you work with Mapping Analytics, you will discover that demographic site selection leads to a sound business site selection decision.

Discover more about Mapping Analytics approach to site selection.


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"Expanding Your Franchise Concept: A Five-Point Checklist"

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Mapping Analytics performed analysis and created franchise territories for national franchisors entering these markets.


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