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Optimize Store and Branch Networks to Realize Full Market Potential

Site selection focuses on answering questions related to "where" . . .

How Many Stores in a Network?

Analyzing the answers to the questions of where gives insight into the question of "how many."

The answers to these questions provide actionable information that can help you build a network of stores/branches to take full advantage of market opportunity. It's the kind of information decision makers receive when working with Mapping Analytics.

Goals of Network Optimization

More Revenue, Profit and Share from Current Market Area

There may be untapped potential in your current market footprint. The question is:

Our analysis of existing store trade areas and overall market potential will identify gaps in your network coverage and point out areas that offer the most opportunity.

New Revenue Opportunity in Markets Beyond Current Network

There may be new markets ripe for your products and services. The question is:

We will profile the demographics and market potential in the trade areas around your most profitable stores and use this information to rank potential markets for expansion. All the way down to sales projections for potential store locations.

When you work with Mapping Analytics, you get the answers you need. And the site locations to be profitable.


Store Site Selection

site patronage
When stores are added, the entire store network changes.
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store network
An inflection point occurs at the ideal number of stores in a market area.
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