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> Choose the best retail sites based on market potential
> Identify the best retail tenants for your location
> Retail site analysis includes impact on store network

Better Retail Site Selection

Retail site selection is not simply a question of what real estate is available. It's an analytic challenge that requires an understanding of the customer and the market potential for a retailer at a location. Whether you are a retailer, shopping center owner/developer, or real estate broker/developer, the challenge is the same.

We believe customer behavior and demographic profiles drive market potential, leading to the right answer about where to place a retail store - or what retail tenants to recruit for your existing location..

Retail Site Selection: What We Can Do for You

When you work with Mapping Analytics, you will discover that retail site analysis leads to a sound business site selection decision. We include a series of important analyses when helping you select new retail store sites, including:

Mapping a Network of Sites to Optimize Market Coverage

Just as no man is an island, no retail store sits on its own. Other stores, competitors, traffic patterns, population density and more affect the profitability of a retail store location.

That's why it's critical to consider retail store network optimization when determining:

How can you account for all these factors? It's easy when you work with Mapping Analytics. We're experts at it and ready to help you.

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Retail Site Selection Resources

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RetailSite Selection Analysis

store mapping part of site selection

Analyzing demographic, consumer and market data is critical to site selection. View map.

Potential of a Proposed Retail Site

Market potential by block group around a proposed bank branch location.
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