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Sales Territory Management

Whether you work in sales management or sales operations, efficient and productive sales territory management is essential to your success.

Sales VPs, Sales Managers, Sales Executives

The question you face is how to increase or maintain revenue using your current or even fewer resources. Or the question may be how to quantify the opportunity that would exist if you added more resources.

If you have confidence in your sales territory structure and alignment process, and can test different scenarios such as adding, reducing or re-arranging sales resources, you can gain the right answers to your questions. And you can react quickly when situations change, such as a merger, acquisition, new product introduction and more.

Sales Operations and Sales Support

For you, the questions are about managing your sales data and providing answers to sales executives when you are asked. With the right sales territory management software, such as ProAlign, you can keep sales information organized, easily available, and in a format easily understood by sales managers in your company -- all without draining your already limited resources and time.


Sales Territory White Paper

"Accelerating Revenue in a Down Economy" -- whether you are expanding territories or contracting, this white paper demonstrates an approach to help you achieve success.
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Sales Territory White Paper

"Three Steps to More Productive Territories" outlines a valuable process for improving the performance of your sales territories. It will help you make an informed choice about sales territory alignment options.
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