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When it's time to undertake a sales territory design or territory realignment project to boost sales force productivity, Mapping Analytics offers you a key advantage.

You gain the benefit of choosing to license our robust sales territory alignment and optimization software, ProAlign, or working with our expert analysts to balance and optimize your sales territories. Or some combination fitting your business need.

Sales Territory Software or Analytical Services?

A Blend of Sales Territory Software and Service

For the past 18 years, Mapping Analytics has provided companies of all sizes with sales territory management solutions. What makes Mapping Analytics stand apart from the competition is our ability to deliver what’s right for your organization — either software tools and training (i.e. ProAlign and customized training), sales territory alignment and territory optimization services performed by our analytics team, or some combination of the two.

While we certainly believe our software is superior to any other on the market, you can also benefit from working with our analysts to help you efficiently and effectively complete your sales territory alignment using ProAlign. 

Because sales territory alignment is something we perform on a daily basis, when you work with Mapping Analytics you gain more than just a software solution. You gain access to highly skilled analysts and sales management experts who are committed to your success.

What may be right for your organization is a combination of sales territory alignment services and software. Mapping Analytics can take on the bigger task of getting your territories into optimal shape, and you can use ProAlign to keep them that way moving forward.

What’s the right approach for you to solve your specific sales territory alignment challenge? We’ll be happy to discuss your situation.

Software or Analytical Services?

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Executive sales brief provides step-by-step decision process to help you choose between licensing software or contracting for analytical services to optimize sales territories.
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