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STI: PopStats™ —
Quarterly Population Estimates

STI: PopStats gives businesses immediate access to the latest population counts in markets across the country, enabling smarter and more profitable location-centric decisions.

Retailers and other businesses continually searching for new hard-to-find high-growth markets are constantly reassessing their existing locations to stay on top of today's dynamic consumer demographics. STI: PopStats's quarterly demographic updates solves real-world problems that many of today's largest and fastest growing businesses experience.

More Accurate Market Research

STI: PopStats will elevate your research to a new level of population insight, estimating accuracy, and decision-making power. Because the product's consumer numbers are completely up-to-date and accurate, STI: PopStats will help you:

While other population estimating products are updated only once per year, STI: PopStats is updated every three months — in January, April, July, and October. Every quarter you'll receive updated population estimates with over 850 data variables, along with revised estimates for eight previous quarters.

Key Benefits of STI: PopStats Demographic Data

Features of STI: PopStats Demographic Data


The Words of Our Customers


"Mapping Analytics' showed us where the holes in our data were and helped us fill them. In the end, we had a solution based on facts, not assumptions."

William Webb, Project Manager

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