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Data is the fuel that powers mapping software engines and drives decisions. Without the right data, you may not to get very far. Mapping Analytics is your trusted source for many types of data. The right data used the right way help you gain insight and improve decision-making and business results for your organization.

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Mapping Analytics as Your Data Provider

Here are three business reasons why you should talk to Mapping Analytics about your data needs:

1. You Gain a Single Trusted Source

There are dozens of data providers in the market, each promoting their own products. How can you be sure what’s the right data for your needs? Mapping Analytics will help you. We are ‘vendor neutral’ and have relationships with major data providers. And if you have a specific analytic need, we can locate and procure specialized data sets for you.

2. You Have an Experienced Partner on Your Side

When it comes to data, you shouldn't spend more than you have to, or get less than you need. For example, why pay for the most up-to-date population estimates if you only need to see general trends? On the other hand, if you want to be a ‘first mover’ into a new market, you'll want to invest in the most current and accurate demographic data to target markets with the highest potential. You can rely on our experience in advising clients to be sure you get the right data for your needs.

3. You Work with a Data Expert

When you work with Mapping Analytics, you work with experts in data. We understand how to evaluate a data set based on its key components, including:

Types of Data

Mapping Analytics offers the following types of data:

Selected Data Providers

Here is a partial list of data providers Mapping Analytics works with:

  • MapInfo
  • AGS
  • EASI
  • Synergos
  • Claritas
  • US Census
  • Generation5
  • Directory of Major Malls
  • Dun& Bradstreet
  • DMTI Spatial
  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Information Asset Partners (Empirics)
  • InfoUSA
  • Map Superstore
  • MPSI
  • RPM (MarketBank & BranchInfo
  • TeleAtlas
  • Trade Dimensions

The Words of Our Customers


"Mapping Analytics' showed us where the holes in our data were and helped us fill them. In the end, we had a solution based on facts, not assumptions."

William Webb, Project Manager

Accuracy of Data

Postal Data

High resolution boundaries with detail lead to good analytical results.
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New Demographic and Boundary data for the People's Republic of China.