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Market analysis services from Mapping Analytics will provide the key intelligence you need to rank and prioritize markets. You will know:

Gaining this market understanding is essential to growing and expanding your business. But it isn't enough on its own.

You need to act upon your new found market understanding by deploying sales and marketing resources effectively.

This is where Mapping Analytics separates from other firms that might offer you analytic services. We can help you choose higher-performing store or business locations, align your sales force more productively, and acquire prospect lists. All so you can tap into the market opportunity we've helped you identify.

Market Potential Example

Let's say you sell reverse mortgages and your ideal customer is 65 years of age or older and owns a home valued at $150,000 or higher. If you don't already know this about your customers, our customer profiling services can help you discover it.

Mapping Analytics will then perform market potential analysis using market data, demographics and/or lifestyle clustering sytems to find areas where high concentrations of your ideal customer live.

From there, it's ranking the potential markets and deploying resources by selecting locations of branches or performing targeted direct marketing.

What's the market potential for your products and services? Talk to us and we'll help you find out.

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Market Potential - DMA Level

Market Sizing

Designated Market Areas (DMAs) provide a broad view of market potential.
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