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Mapping Analytics to Provide Analytic Expertise and Reporting to Support New Partnership Between Synergos Technologies and Mediamark to Deliver
Innovative Consumer Segmentation Intelligence

Companies Using STI: Landscape's Consumer Segmentation Gain Direct
Access to Data from MediaMark's "Survey of the American Consumer"

ROCHESTER, NY and AUSTIN, TX - FEBRUARY 10th, 2009 - Mapping Analytics, an analytic consulting firm specializing in customer segmentation, site selection, and sales territory design, is providing the analytic expertise, oversight, and reporting required to combine Synergos Technologies Inc. STI: Landscape's innovative consumer segmentation data with Mediamark's Survey of the American Consumer data. The firm will offer a wide range of robust consumer-intelligence reports to companies.

Synergos Technologies Inc. (STI), an innovator of population-estimating technology and data for market researchers, has announced a new partnership with Mediamark Research and Intelligence. This alliance gives companies using STI: Landscape's innovative consumer segmentation system direct access to consumer-purchasing intelligence from Mediamark's Survey of the American Consumer.

The partnership of leading consumer data providers delivers greater knowledge and enhanced understanding about today's consumers, including where they live, their lifestyle attitudes, their purchasing behaviors, and more. With this insight, companies can better achieve several critical business goals including:

"Naturally, greater customer insight leads to better results, especially in today's more challenging economic environment," says Cindy Reid, VP of Operations at Mapping Analytics. "The combination of STI: Landscape data with Mediamark's survey data gives companies consumer insight that can be used not only by market research departments, but also by the companies' merchandising, operations, and marketing departments. The opportunities for this data are nearly unlimited."

STI and Mediamark created their new partnership "to be more responsive to companies conducting consumer research, and to extend Mediamark data in a way that is meaningful to more market researchers and agencies," says Kathi Love, President and CEO of Mediamark. "A growing number of companies are using STI: Landscape to segment their markets, and we want to ensure they have convenient access to our consumer survey data."

"Consumer segmentation is not new, but combining consumer attitudinal data with survey and geodemographic data is new," says Robert Welch, President of STI. "The combined impact of STI: Landscape's consumer attitudinal indexes and Mediamark's survey data will not only show companies where their current and prospective customer live, but also what consumers' attitudes are on everything from politics to health, and their propensity to purchase media and products. This in-depth consumer insight opens the door to new frontiers in market research and the opportunity for more profitable decision making."

"A client recently told us that going from population estimates to STI: Landscape is like going from black and white to color television. Now adding Mediamark data is like expanding to high-definition - the image of today's consumers will be that much clearer," notes Lesley Lane Woodring, Executive Vice President of STI. "By applying this data to their market research, competitive companies will gain an even more powerful advantage."

The alliance between STI and Mediamark gives companies the opportunity to access a wide variety of consumer-intelligence reports including the following:

  1. Customer Geographic Summary Report. Answers the question: Where are the 20 top states, zip codes, counties, and CBSAs?
  2. Cluster Ranking Report. Answers the question: Who are our desired customers?
  3. Cluster Tiering Report. Answers the question: In which population clusters do we have the highest opportunity?
  4. Incremental Gain Report. Answers the question: Which clusters are most productive for our company?
  5. Cluster Quadrant Analysis. Answers the question: Which clusters are core to our business?
  6. Demographic Report. Answers the question: How do we describe our target cluster population?
  7. Market Potential Index Report. Answers the question: Which are more attractive according to our target cluster population?
  8. Consumer Behavior Ranking Reports. Answers the question: What do our target customers do, buy, and believe?
  9. Consumer Media Ranking Reports. Answers the question: How do we best reach our desired target customers?
For more information on this new consumer lifestyle segmentation research, contact Mapping Analytics at (877) 893-6490.

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About Mapping Analytics

Mapping Analytics offers analytical consulting, software, and data to help businesses profile customers, accurately assess market opportunity, select successful retail and franchise sites, and plan sales and service territories. Founded 1989, Mapping Analytics is led by an experienced leadership team with a background in consumer marketing and proven success in geographic analytics, mapping, project management, and application development. For more information, visit

About Synergos Technologies, Inc. (STI)

For over 15 years, STI has provided consumer-oriented companies with innovative and confidence-boosting demographic products, like STI: PopStats and STI: Landscape. A wide range of companies, including many of today's fastest-growing retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, finance, healthcare, and telecom firms, are using these products to better understand their markets and potential locations, and to make smarter and more cost-effective location decisions. For more information, visit

About Mediamark Research and Intelligence

Mediamark is the country's leading provider of magazine audience and multimedia research data. Founded in 1979, Mediamark interviews approximately 26,000 U.S. adults in their homes each year, asking about their use of media, their consumption of products, and their lifestyles and attitudes. This represents the biggest survey of its kind. Mediamark is part of GfK Group AG, Nuremberg, Germany. For more information, visit





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